Tuesday, 30 April 2013

I feel famous today

As I play along on The Fiber Factor. Are you aware of it? It's a knitting competition and I find it so fun. I love it.

Anyway, we watchers can participate by submitting our designs, and I've submitted my Turning Points Slouchy Beret.

As you know if you have read my entry in Tinking Turtle, this hat mimics a bit of my personal story for, well, reasons. Which is exactly the inspiration behind the first challenge in The Fiber Factor.

It is posted on their site today, you can see my entries and the entries of the other watchers here.

Have fun!

Oh, by the way, so that I don't make you watch my hat again, here`s a pic of the same hat, only that it is felted. A great idea of one of my testers, she's annagret on Ravelry (it's a ravelry link, you have to be a member to click through). Isn't it a gorgeous hat? I'm digging it.